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Tuesday, 8-Nov-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Fotopages Captcha'd!

Due to comment spam which seems to have increased recently, we have now added a 'captcha' to the fotopages comment submit form.

What is a captcha? Basically its an image with some characters on it which you enter in the box to verify you are a real person posting a comment, rather than an automated spam bot.

Sunday, 6-Nov-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
New Photo Sharing Tools

Today we just added a nifty new feature to allow fotopages members to share pics on other sites easily.

Now on every entry you will see a "share" link which explains how to do it and provides sample code that you or your visitors can simply paste in to any page on any other site or blog, which will show either a single thumbnail image or a group of thumbs in various layouts, all linking back to your fotopage.

You can read more about it here..


Wednesday, 2-Nov-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
BoardTracker Mozilla/Firefox Search Plugin

We recently created a plugin for mozilla browsers (mozilla, firefox, netscape) which ads boardtracker search to the search box on those browsers which is very handy.

Also you can control how this works through the control panel in your boardtracker account (both free & premium) to set the plugin to search only on your preset categories ("My Threads") or on All categories.

Read all about it here..

Also note that we will be adding more cool boardracker stuff to the tools page in the future so keep an eye out!

Tuesday, 20-Sep-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Tell me.. what are you searching for?

The BoardTracker Dog. About time for a categorized search engine
One of the problems with search engines is - you have to tell them what you are looking for
To be a little more clear, you have to be VERY specific about what you "tell" them.

For example.. You can't look for "looking to buy nice house by the beach". You have to go through many attempts of searching for things like:
* realestate house "for sale" beach
* house beach seaview
* house buy coast
MAYBE after several attempts you will find some leads to somewhere where you will find some info that is relevant for you.

The real problem is that on the web today there is so much information (much of it is irrelevant to most of us) and search engines find it VERY hard to sift through it all.
This is especially true because search engines rely on contextual match to analyze what the page is about. But that is very hard thing to do.

Another way of doing it is trying to categorize the data in advance. However, no search engines was ever able to do it efficiently. I don't mean only search through links that are in a categorized database. I mean actually searching the web in a categorized manner.
Well... nobody until BoardTracker came along. BoardTracker is the first (and only) truely categorized search engines. and a very accurate one. When you search for information in it, you can limit the search to a specific field of intrerest. For example, computer games.. Lets say you want to search for a soccer game. Maybe even a specific one. With BoardTracker you can simply search for the game's name (lets say FIFA) BUT limit the search to "computers & internet > Games" or even "Computers & Internet > Games > XBox" if thats the game console you have. the search will be simply - (this search is ONLY for information in XBOX games) and the results will be VERY relavant. In fact, it is likely it will be as relevant as you can get from a search engine.
What would you do in another search engine? You will have to search for:
* game fifa xbox
or if it gave you many irrelevant results
* game soccer fifa xbox console
The problem is that you have to start "telling" a search engine what exactly is the thing you are looking for.. and with a lot of (what should be considrered) gratuitous words.
What BoardTracker allows you to do - filter the web in a categorized manner - is something search engines were not able to do so far, and seem to not be able to. Instead they rely on you, the surfer, supplying them with all kinds of "hint" keywords to help them filter the irrelevant results. Unfortunatelly, if you add "game" to a search you will most probably miss some very relevant results of pages that do talk about FIFA but since anyone on that page is fully aware of the fact that its a computer game, there is little need ot actually write "game" in the article/page. And by searching for that word, you will miss that page.

While it seems you are getting what you search for, that might just be an illusion created by the fact that you never know what you DONT get

Luckily is here to help you

Sunday, 18-Sep-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
RSS and Fotopages

RSS Made easy - Book by Adrian Ling
HitRSS - RSS hosting
Fotopages is a blog system as you all know. A photo-blogging service. A free one.
And as such anyone can signup and start a Fotopage, tell people about it and even allow them to receive email notifications whenever you submit a new entry. How fun is that?

But over the time we toyed with the idea of implementing RSS feeds into Fotopages. While we were always wondering if people really wanted that, and never really received any requests for that, we decided to implement it a few weeks ago and just released it today. And already, people are giving us good feedback on the discussion forum.. so.. we are happy that you are happy.

What is RSS though? And what is this implementation good for? Is it good for you?

Well.. RSS is an XML structured RDF. I am sure that doesn't make it any clearer..
So let me rephrase.. RSS is a "file" that desribes what your blog (in fotopages' case) is and what it contains. You can find a link to that RSS in the total bottom right corner of your fotopage (as well as this fotopage) if you have it enabled (it is enabled by default). This fotopage's RSS is located at
Click it and you will see the data of this fotopage in an RSS format.

What does it do? Well, by itself not much. But there are other things that can use RSS for all kinds of uses. For example search engines can use RSS feeds to locate what is in your Fotopage and what is new in it. Look at for example. People can choose to subscribe to your Fotopage by clicking the bottom right corner of their browser (if their browser supports it) and know what is new in your Fotopage.

To read more about RSS and its uses, feel free to search BoardTracker for RSS:

Note: Fotopages automatically submits your RSS to a number of blog sites/search engines.
But feel free to submit your own RSS manually as well whenever you want to wherever you want

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